Filestream Corruption in SQL – An Extraordinary SQL Database Recovery Solution!

The entire process of storing and managing unstructured data was poor, just before SQL Server 2008 release. Earlier Approaches of Storing Unstructured Data Prior to the discharge of SQL 2008, there have been two approaches of storing unstructured data. One approach was of storing data inside a VARBINARY or IMAGE column. This had transactional consistency […]


Pros and Cons of Remote Desktop Connection Manager Everyone Should Know

A remote desktop connection manager is software where the user is able to connect and use a particular computer system from a remote location as if he were using and sitting in front of it the entire time. The most common instance is using your office computer from your personal computer or laptop at home. […]


Translation and Interpretation Services – Two Sides of the identical Gold coin

If you’ve ever talked to someone more than a bad phone line or perhaps a cell phone connection ridden by static and ghost voices, you will be aware how exasperating it may be. Communication must be obvious and understandable. Imagine the world today, when airline travel has shortened physical distances, and also the internet has […]


3 Sure-Shot Signs That Prove that your iPhone Might Need A New Battery

Admit it, we are all tired charging our iPhones every now and then even when we use them in Low Power Mode. One can only expect these devices to work longer, but the only disappointing factor about iPhone is the battery performance. You can try all the ways to improve the battery life too, but […]