3 Sure-Shot Signs That Prove that your iPhone Might Need A New Battery

Admit it, we are all tired charging our iPhones every now and then even when we use them in Low Power Mode. One can only expect these devices to work longer, but the only disappointing factor about iPhone is the battery performance. You can try all the ways to improve the battery life too, but one day the battery of your iPhone itself might get tired of keeping up. Your iPhone will leave some signs that it’s time you might need to replace the battery. Read on to know more.

Battery Health (Beta Version)

First things first. Update your iPhones to the latest version of 11.3. Go to Settings, then tap on Battery and you might see a new feature below called Battery Health (Beta). Tap on it.

You can see the maximum capacity of your iPhone battery above. The lesser it is, the more the need to replace the battery. And below there’s a Peak Performance Capability. If your battery is not okay, it will display the reasons to your poor battery health.

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Degrading iPhone Performance

If the health of your iPhone battery is degrading, this will obviously impact the performance of your iPhone too. The Battery Health (beta) feature explained below will also guide you on how to get the iPhone battery replaced. Also notice that if your iPhone goes through an unexpected shutdown because of the poor battery performance, power management will turn itself up.

In case your iPhone crashes, follow these steps:

  • Avoiding exposing your iPhones out in the immense heat or cold extremes. The temperature too creates an immense impact on the performance of your iPhone. It also makes it more prone to shutting down unexpectedly.
  • You can try dimming out the brightness of your iPhone screen to save the battery. When you turn down the brightness, it eliminates the energy vampire inside the iPhone and saving it some power. You can also try the Auto Brightness feature on your iPhone.
  • Some apps are also deemed as energy vampires for your iPhone, make sure either avoid using them or take control of the background app activities.

  • Always keep and operate your iPhone on Low Power Mode.
  • Use the official charger provided by Apple. Using a copy will only cost you battery deterioration.

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