4 Tried and True Tips and Tricks of Windows 10 Pro You Never Knew

Windows 10 always manage to thrive by offering fresh features that show up twice in a year with all the good tips and tricks which are still left unexplored by the users. Here are some of the best ones which should be given a try by every user out there.

  1. Windows timeline

Timelines let you resume your work where you left off. When you click the Task View button on the taskbar or press the Windows Key and Tab together, it brings forth the feature, which showcases the timeline of your activities in the apps which stretches back over the past. To make it handier, Microsoft also allows to group related apps together into the Activities folder in the Timeline so that you can refer to the apps anytime. This feature is also synced in the connected devices so it can come in handy while you are on the go or working on many devices at once.

  1. Cloud clipboard

The copy paste functionality of Windows 10 Pro has always been considered a hit and miss for several years. However, now you can deploy this buggy feature across many PCs with the cloud keyboard as well. This feature was introduced in the October 2018 update. Head to Start > Settings > System > Clipboard> Sync Across Devices, in order to begin copying data from one PC and then pasting it on another. When using this, enable the Clipboard History to save many items to the clipboard so that it can come in handy later. Visit us if you want the Windows 10 Home Key.

  1. Your phone

Wanting to sync your phone and PC closer together? Then download the app called the Your Phone companion app available on Android Play Store and then link it to your PC to use the new Your Phone app available in the Microsoft Store. Your Phone allows you to open, view, copy, and share photos you captured on your phone and you can even send and reply to your texts directly from your PC. There is also an iOS version available but it is very limited in range.

  1. Snip & Sketch

The Snipping Tool that comes equipped with Windows is now being replaced and upgraded. The update that dispatched on October 2018 has now added Snip & Sketch which lets to select a part of the screen to copy whenever you press Windows + Shift + S. Then the screenshot will be copied onto your clipboard so that it can be pasted into any image editing software, entailing the one and only Snip and Sketch letting you annotate and share your marked up images.