5 Ways to Develop Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Jobseekers are exploring career opportunities in several ways. They try to scout for all upcoming professional events aside from looking for job posts online. Being an employer, you must draw their attention with your latest job openings and recruiting messages. You may adapt the latest recruitment strategies to attract appropriate candidates with the help of recruitment marketing. It will help you in growing the talent brand with time. However, you must follow a few good outbound and inbound steps that other marketers follow while beginning with their recruitment drive. It helps them in building a potential sales pipeline, but you can use it for stretching your talent pipeline.

Here are a few reasonable steps to shape a recruitment marketing strategy:

  1. Set the team objectives. Set your goals once you hire professionals and develop a cross-functional team. For instance, the recruitment marketing team of a tech company comprises of professionals from various departments like technical as well as marketing. The ultimate objective of following the best recruitment marketing techniques is to drive more qualified job seekers to your employment website. It can increase the conversion percentage of jobseekers into applicants.
  2. Identify the right candidates. Make the most of data analytics for creating profiles of your preferred candidates. Their experiences, backgrounds, and objectives need a mention in their personas. You must also mention the information that these candidates need alongside the resources they consult. Some of the recruiters will even go to the extent of specifying the values and needs of their candidates.
  3. Incorporate the EVP. The EVP or employee value proposition should reflect your knowledge of the target persona. It should also convey the uniqueness of your company. Apart from describing your identity, you must explain the things you do and the process you follow. To make things look interesting for the prospective candidates, all members of your organization need to convey EVP accurately. Incorporate your EVP within your content and ensure you follow it while conducting business.
  4. Develop inbound content. Create content that reflects the active culture of your organization. Explore multiple media platforms like YouTube videos alongside the author voices. Involve videos on successful community services and product launches. Employees can even develop online testimonials, publish videos and share it across social media.
  5. Create the right mix. You may explore several recruitment channels for attracting qualified candidates by leveraging both outbound and inbound marketing techniques. Maintain a proper blend of both these techniques as a general rule of thumb if you want to taste success. Again, if you’re a startup, then you need to maintain minimum inbound recruitment worth 40% and monitor the proceedings.

In sharp contrast to candidates coming from other various sources, the ones that come through social media platforms and employee referral programs are better performers. They are even likely to stick to an organization for a longer tenure. You may consider giving them an opportunity to engage in onsite tasks thereby allowing them to gain first-hand experience. They will fetch others to join your workforce if they find it interesting to work in your organization.