Are robots a threat to your job?

Even before the current trend of robotic arms came into the market, many manufacturing industries used robots to help with their processes. The difference then was that the robots were very large and quarantined from human interactions. This is because majority of them were too dangerous to work alongside humans. People even feared going anywhere near them. They were also a preserve of only large companies. That however changed in mid-1990 when some robot manufacturing companies came up with robot applications that were people friendly.

Known as collaborative robots or cobots, these companies design robots that can work alongside humans. One of the major cobot’ manufacturer is Universal Robots. Cobots manufactured by Universal Robots are cost effective, easy to configure and offer confidence to satisfy all the needs of any industry. The robot assembly of the robotic arms are available for assembling, processing of products, packaging, welding, spraying and painting, loading and unloading of items, assisting in hospitals, schools, homes, and a whole range of other duties. With all the work they do, the question of whether they will at one time replace human labour comes along.

Cobots augment human labour

Cobots are artificial intelligence enabled and they need human to train them on how to go about their businesses. Once they are up and running, they then augment the work done by the humans rather than replace them.

Robots do not have the same human intuition and creativity that humans have. They also do not have the same common sense. The work of the robots is probabilistic thinking. They are best suited for handling jobs that are more delicate. They also handle some of the jobs that have large volumes of data or are too heavy to handle. The combination of both the human force and the robot assembly only goes to make every work easier.

Manufacturing industries and companies that have implemented the use of cobots, say that there are better results when robots work alongside humans than when robots take over the whole process without any help from the humans. The intention of the cobots is not to replace human labour but to be collaborative.

Universal Robots makes robotic arms that have interactive features meant to assist humans and not interfere with their work. Some of The robotic arms have simulated emotions, which makes it easier to work alongside them.

What makes the new trend robot assembly different from the traditional robots?

Today’s collaborative robots have a complete different design from the traditional robots. They have better sensitivity and their overall power usage is much lower. They are not intimidating and anyone can feel comfortable working alongside them.

Today’s collaborative robots have better sensors that can detect any obstacles faster than the traditional robots did. This comes in very handy especially in extremely busy industries where it would take a while to discover obstacles.

Today’s cobots come with better physical capacities that include, grippers, graspers, multiple arms and control assemblies among many other features. All these features can handle both complex and delicate tasks.

They are safe around people. They interact very well with humans and can share whatever space is available without being a hindrance. They occupy less space as they are also smaller as compared to the tradition robots. They also take on the more dangerous tasks, thus creating a safe environment in every work place.

Wrapping it up

It takes a while for people to adopt any new technology. Once there is acceptance, then it gets easier to understand why every new technology comes with benefits. Cobots are comfortable to work alongside with and they are only a new tool in the work environment but not a replacement. With state of the art cobots from Universal Robots, you can only get more efficiency at work other than replacement.