Awesome Geek Gadgets – The very best of Geek Toys and Gadgets

To be the geek using the coolest gadgets is difficult. But you can now find all of the latest gear in one location.

This information will cover an array of awesome geek gadgets and toys, from watches to tools to fun. Discover what all of the awesome geeks are purchasing this season!

-Stainless 8GB video watch – This watch sports single.8inch Vast screen and 8GB of flash memory. You can view all of your favorite videos whenever, anywhere.

-Wi-fi discovering watch – So next time you want to focus on your laptop, you will be aware wherever to sit down. This watch provides you with wi-fi signal strength on the scale from 1 to eight with a little a control button.

-Glow Brick – This can be a real existence bulb encased within an acrylic cube also it absorbs light throughout the day and glows during the night. Very awesome.

-Blue Laser Pointer – Be the first at work having a blue laser! This unusual color sets you in addition to the competition.

-20-sided fuzzy dice danglers – I’m not sure things to say except – you did not know they provided you and them know you would like some!

-Ironkey – I give that one the geek gadget award for coolest thumb drive ever! Files are encrypted and password protected. After 10 unsuccessful password attempts, the drive self-destructs! The physical drive is epoxy filled and electron shielded to avoid tampering.

-MicroJet lighter torch – While using incorporated fuel cell or perhaps a disposable lighter, you may create a butane torch. For individuals windy days when you just need to light a fireplace, fixing that leaky pipe, in order to complete that creme brulee for dessert.

-Micro spy remote – This small remote appears like the remote keyless entry for the vehicle, nevertheless its really a TV hijacker. It may mute, alter the funnel and volume in addition to switching off the unsuspecting TV.

As you can tell, awesome geek gadgets come in an array of merchandise, but each is necessary to true geekdom. You will discover much more about these items from link below or look at your local awesome gadget store. Out of your vehicle for your pocket to work, no geek is finished with no above equipment.