Buying a new TV mount? Check the options here!

If you have a flat-screen LED/LCD TV at home, you must consider investing in a durable mount. There are table and wall mounts, although the latter is more popular. Mounting your television on the wall has many benefits. Firstly, you can save the cost of a cabinet, which can be expensive, and secondly, you can improve the viewing angles. There are plenty of TV wall amounts out there and selecting one can be confusing for most customers. Below, we have listed down the options and things you must note before placing an order.

 Know the types

  1. The first one is a table mount, which allows you to place the TV on a cabinet or desktop. These often have additional pads on the base, so the surface of the cabinet is not damaged. However, you can only use these for TVs that have VESA mounting holes.
  2. The next is a stationary mount, which is also the cheapest one available today. If you don’t want to change the placement of your flat panel TV or want a specific position, this is the best one to go for.
  3. Tilted mounts are also quite popular and inexpensive. These mounts have an adjustment that allows you to tilt the screen. When you want your TV higher on the wall but don’t want to hamper the viewing experience, this is an ideal choice.
  4. Fourth is a TV stand. This is an independent stand that holds the TV in place, and typically, these have wheels, which allow you to move the stand. If you use the same screen in different rooms, this is the one to go for.
  5. If you want to stick to wall mount, an Articulating one is your best bet. The adjustments allow you the move and swivel the TV as required. You can pull it closer to you or can even move it on the sides.

Grab the best discounts online

Check for TV wall mount from, and you will find a bunch of offers. Online stores have all kinds of models and designs in store, and you can always compare the choices based on reviews. Bear in mind that TV mounts do have a warranty, so check for that and also read the terms and conditions for replacement and returns in detail. If you don’t have the necessary tools, buy them to get install the mount or call a professional.