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How to Setup Your Professional Website in 2018

Years ago, having a personal website with your professional or business name on it was considered costly and time-consuming – if you wanted to do it yourself, you needed programming skills, experience in graphic design, finding someone who could host your website, and some weeks to develop the site into something usable.

Thankfully, it’s much easier to have a fully functioning website in a matter of hours with today’s technological advances. With website designing platforms like WordPress, you can forget about any programming and graphic design experience needed for a basic website, you’ll only require aid if you want something considerably complex or unique.

As for website hosting – the service that will host your website and make it appear online – the prices have lowered significantly in the past few years, with rates as low as £18.00 per year.

Why Should I Setup a Website by Myself?

Because it’s simple and cheap, you won’t have to rely on someone else or pay large sums of money to set up a website. Besides,your clients will feel more comfortable seeing a professional looking site with your name on it.

How Do I Set It Up?

One way to do it is going to WordPress and sign up for a free account; this platform will allow you to design the basis of your website and make it functional. They offer premium plans that extend the customisation and provide other features, but for now, stick to the basic plan until you set everything up and you get to know your way around it.

WordPress interface is intuitive and straightforward, you will have to choose your name, pick one of their basic themes, and in little time you’ll have your page up and running. After you have your first website, WordPress gives you the option to host it on their servers for free (your-site-name.wordpress.com), but you want something professional and unique, right? So it’s time to find a website hosting service that’s reliable and offers a domain of your own (your-site-name.com)

Where Can I Get Domain Hosting?

There are hundreds of options out there, each one with different offers and features. However, since it’s probably your first website, we consider Memset.com to be one of the best website hosting services out there, offering a low yearly price of £18.00 per year for a .com domain, and reliable 24/7 support who will aid you with any concerns or doubts you may have. All you have to do is check if the name is available, and register within their site – they’ll provide you with the next instructions on how to host your website.

Finishing Touches and Where to Go Next

Once you’ve hired a website hosting service, you will have a fully functioning website, designed in WordPress, with a domain of your own. Your site will be straightforward and stable enough to show your services and products in a professional manner which your clients will trust.

From here onwards it depends on what exactly you want: you would like to show a store with a design similar to online shops? Seek a WordPress theme that adapts to your needs.Do you want a modern design with new features? You’ll probably require some experience in programming to set up complicated features like chat applications or a shop that compares prices – you can either research these topics online or find a freelance designer to aid you.

But as you can see, setting up your own website isn’t as hard as it used to be. There are tutorials online or just infinite ways for anybody to do it.