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What Is The Importance Of Sitemap In Terms Of SEO?

Sitemap, as name suggests is a map of your website. On a single page, your websites structure, sections, links between them and more gets shown. It makes navigation easier, so keeping it updated is good for search engines and users. Sitemaps enable you to interact well with search engines.

Sitemap is not any type of uniqueness but is a good web designing practice. Moreover, its significance has increased because search engines have included sitemaps in their algorithm. From SEO perception, you cannot persist using conventional sitemap [HTML still used on Yahoo and MSN] because Google uses XML format, which differs from usual HTML. So, professionals at Houston SEO services have already started using XML sitemaps.

Why two sitemaps?

Obviously, HTML sitemaps are for human visitors and XML sitemap is for Google bots but very shortly other search engines will join the club. However, having two sitemaps will not be considered as duplicate contents. Google has clearly stated in ‘Introduction to Sitemap’ that using two sitemaps will not cause penalty for your website.

What are the benefits of using Sitemap?

  • Better search engine visibility
  • Easy navigation
  • Search engines get instant information about any website changes
  • Certain changes get indexed faster in comparison
  • Less reliance on external links to direct search engines towards your website
  • Accidentally broken internal links can be reached with sitemap
  • New website with significant volume of new pages need sitemap for success
  • Classify the content on your website

As sitemap programs of Google are still in their infancy, using it may not generate vast advantage instantly but generally search engines will enhance the sitemap indexing algorithm like making it faster.

Although you can avoid using sitemap but soon they are going to be a standard way to submit websites to search engines. It is certain that spiders will continue to index the WWW and sitemaps are not going to make standard crawling process outdated but logically sitemap’s significance will keep on increasing.

How to generate and submit sitemap?

Generating map depends on your technical know-how. You can do it in a couple of ways.

  • Download and install sitemap generator – Download the package, follow installation & configuration instructions
  • Use sitemap generation tool available online – Check the third party sitemap tools, which are available for free and can help.

After creating the sitemap, upload it on your website and inform Google about its presence. To inform Google add your website to Google’s sitemap account. You will also need to validate that you are the legal website owner.

Sitemap is crucial for best SEO practices. SEO is essential to bring in traffic as well as revenue!